Spa with Us

Bamboo spa was founded and created through a vision, desire and need that Owner and Founder Moza Al Mawali had for many years. This was to create a stand-alone Ladies Day Spa fulfilling the high expectations of ladies in Muscat by setting 5* standards that are usually reserved for hotel spa’s.

After travelling and researching during University, that dream finally became reality 5 years ago and continues to inspire Madam Al Mawali to bring the best and widest range of treatments to Muscat using outstanding 5* brands, demanding exceptional training for her team of highly skilled therapists and delivering it all in a way that has fast put Bamboo Spa on the map in the Sultanate of Oman.

Welcome to peace and tranquility that is Bamboo Spa. At our Spa, we have created a space to renew your strength and inner sense of wellbeing. Select from the finest natural botanical treatments for the face and body and let us care for your body, mind and spirit. In our Spa, we have selected all-naturally inspired architecture to create an inner sanctuary of calm and with care and wisdom from the finest spa professionals, the Bamboo Spa experience soothes the mind and nourishes the body.

Our Vision

To inspire, and empower the integrity of well-being, to become the leader in the Oman market, and a Spa that will set the standards in the industry having a positive influence on our guest’s beauty and health.

Our Mission

We accomplish our vision by bringing quality experience to our spas; always ensuring each spa has a unique selling point and therapists are hired to promote balance of body, mind and spirit, where the only focus is you.

Our Values

Balance: Acknowledging that body, mind and spirit are of equal importance. We are at our optimum when each is in balance, and in balance with each other.

Aims: Personalized service which is only gained through experience and proper training. It's when we "know" what we know in every cell of our body and can trust our decisions.

To Nurture: To provide a foundation of quality care and support.

Health: Realizing our maximum potential in all aspects of our being.

Our Philosophy

We know ourselves, when we're in touch with the true needs of our body and spirit, then we know what right action to take in our lives to find balance. The first step is cultivating a relationship with ourselves. Our spa hopes to facilitate this process in each individual by conveying the importance of using only the highest quality products and services because what we put and use on our bodies is absorbed into our systems as food for our skin and well-being. Thus the concept B.A.T.H. is completed.