Facial Treatments by Kerstin Florian (KFI)

K-Lift Facial

This unique technology from Kerstin Florian offers an age management program based on multiple sources of Kinetic energy in an effort to prevent and reverse physical signs of aging within the skins cells. This intense rejuvenation treatment consists of 3 phases to help re-educate cells into acting younger.

A course of 12 is recommended, for optimum results a monthly maintenance is required.

For your customized treatment requirements, according to your skin type and needs, consultation is essential.
• Not Available in Al khodh branch

Express Lift By Kerstin Florian 20 OMR / 60 min
Bamboo Signature Caviar Facial by Kerstin Florian 70 OMR / 90 MIN
Bamboo Signature Caviar Facial with K-lift 80 OMR / 2HR 30 MIN
Carboxy Facial 60 OMR / 90 MIN
Advanced Results Facial by Kerstin Florian 35 OMR/ 90 MIN
Brightening Facial by Kerstin Florian (90 min) 35 OMR
Brightening Facial by Kerstin Florian (75 min) 35 OMR / 90 MIN
The Ultimate Cleanse by Eve Lom (60 min) 40 OMR / 60 MIN
Deep Cleansing Facial by Kerstin Florian 25 OMR / 60 MIN
Correcting Pro-Peel by Kerstin Florian 25 OMR / 45 MIN